Working Together To Build a Truly 24-Hour Dublin

We are at the cusp of a truly transformational era for Dublin.  The county’s population is set to reach two million by 2030, and it will be home to a truly 24-hour city with a large economy and skilled workforce. This is a huge opportunity for the city and its residents, and indeed transport providers like Dublin Bus.

At Dublin Bus we think every day about how bus services can evolve, and we use our expertise to support these improvements and make sure they deliver safe, reliable and innovative bus services for the people of Dublin.

That’s why we’ve worked with the NTA over the last two years to introduce ten 24-hour bus services across the capital. 24-hour services facilitate increasing employment in the night-time economy; create 24-hour airport links serving numerous residential areas and reduce night-time carbon emissions by encouraging people to take the bus as opposed to travelling by car. They are some of our busiest routes, showing the clear appetite for all day and all-night bus services in Dublin.

How can we make sure that Dublin remains a great place to live and to visit?  The prospects are good, but only if we plan ahead.  This is why we are working with the NTA to introduce additional 24- hour routes in advance of BusConnects full implementation.  Thousands of taxis have left the market. At the same time many new businesses are opening in our capital. Our hospitality sector is recovering strongly from the pandemic, and we are seeing the welcome return of large-scale events like concerts. So, we are confident that the customer demand is there for further 24-hour services.  

The decade ahead will bring countless transformative changes in how people move around the city and the country. And Dublin Bus will be here to help support those changes and ensure they benefit the people of Dublin.

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