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The new BusConnects network

The new network follows from three rounds of public consultation which concluded in 2020. Once operational it will improve the existing Transport for Ireland (TFI) network by providing enhanced bus services with high frequency spines and new local, orbital and radial routes. This new network is being rolled out on a phased basis over the coming years.

The first phase commenced in North East Dublin in June 2021 (Spine H).

The next phase involved services in West Dublin and East Kildare and launched in November 2021 (Spine C).

Phase 3 involved services in North Dublin and launched in May 2022 (Northern Orbitals).

Phase 4 (Spine G) involves services in the West of Dublin.

Some of the many benefits of BusConnects include:
1. Increased capacity and frequency
2. Increased evening and weekend services
3. New sustainable, low emissions bus fleet 
4. New bus stops and shelters
5. New park and ride facilities 
6. 230Km of priority bus lanes to make journeys faster and reliable

For more information visit www.transportforireland.ie.

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