Seapoint Martello tower

The tower at Seapoint officially called Martello tower No.14 is adjacent to a popular bathing place for Dubliners and on the seaward side of the tower many bathing shelters were built to accommodate the swimmers. It is located approx. 4 m from the high water mark of Dublin Bay. Other buildings have also been built nearby, a lifeguard station and public toilets.
In the year 2000, the tower was selected for a decay study and classified as intact, featuring mild stone decay and generally in good condition with little evidence of decay forms normally associated with historic buildings close to urban centers.
The tower at Seapoint was recently refurbished and equipped and was used as the headquarters of the Genealogy Society of Ireland but damp conditions prevailed inside the tower and this location was found to be unsuitable for the storage of archive material and manuscripts.

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