Rambler Tickets to Leap Card

Published on Monday, November 25, 2013

Dublin Bus’ 5 Day and 30 Day Rambler tickets are now available on Leap Card.  You can purchase an adult Rambler ticket on either an Anonymous or Personalised Leap Card. The student Rambler tickets must be purchased on a student Leap Card (Student Travelcard).  The 1 Day Family ticket can be purchased using either an adult or student Leap Card.

Anonymous Leap Card

Personalised Leap Card

Student Travelcard Leap Card

To purchase a Rambler ticket using a Leap Card, simply present your card to the sales assistant in any shop with the Leap Card sign. The Rambler product will then be loaded electronically on to your Leap Card.  

To begin a new day on the Rambler product on your Leap Card, simply Touch On by holding your card for a second to the Smartcard reader on the right hand side as you enter the bus. 

Your Leap Card can hold up to 5 products at any one time. If you have several products loaded on your card, the Smartcard reader will use the oldest product first.  If you wish to start using another rambler product e.g. a Family ticket, the driver can choose the product on their ticket machine. You also have the option to use the Travel Credit on your Leap Card, rather than begin a new day on your rambler product. Just pay the fare with your card at the driver’s ticket machine.

Registering your Leap Card at www.leapcard.ie will allow you to receive a replacement Leap Card if your card is lost or stolen.  The new card will contain any products or Travel Credit remaining on the original card.

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