Discontinuation of 2 Easy Tickets

Published on Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dublin Bus is simplifying the range of tickets that it offers and part of the programme includes the phasing out of low volume tickets due to the significant costs incurred in production and distribution for such a small percentage of sales.

Last week Dublin Bus stopped producing its Adult Bus 2 Easy (Stages 1-3) ticket and its Adult Bus 2 Easy (Stages 4-7) ticket. Usage of these tickets amounted to only 2,000 to 3,000 passenger journeys out of Dublin Bus’ daily 500,000 passenger journeys.

Dublin Bus offer a wide range of Prepaid Smartcard tickets including the 10 Journey Travel 90 ticket, which allows for unlimited travel within 90 minutes of first use and the 3-Day, 5-Day, and 30-Day Rambler tickets allowing unlimited travel throughout the Dublin Bus network. Following the introduction of Smartcard technology, each day of Rambler tickets can be used any day before the use by date printed on the front of the card thus giving much improved flexibility and convenience to the customer.

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