An unsuitable job for a woman – not according to Dublin Bus!

Published on Monday, December 12, 2016

Hello and welcome to the latest instalment of Network News. This week was momentous for us here in Dublin Bus as we celebrated the graduation of our first all-female class of drivers. The graduation of Jennifer Dixon, Elizabeth Cummins, Tracy Sullivan, Rachel Dunne and Sinead Hilliard brings the total number of women drivers to 84, representing 3.3% of all drivers.

Driving a bus has long been seen as a job only suited to a man. However, we continue to work to change this misconception and have set a target of employing 125 women drivers by the end of 2017, equating to 5% of all our drivers. 

Until 2014 Dublin Bus had not recruited drivers for a period of six years and during this time the number of women drivers fell. Therefore we decided to actively work to recruit more women to the role.

The new recruits will take to the streets this weekend after an intense six week training programme. The training and induction programme consists of four weeks on bus training and a two week classroom based induction. Our in-house ADI accredited trainers provide the trainee drivers with instruction on how to drive a bus before they attend their driving test for a category D licence. The two week training programme covers other important areas such as customer service, driving standards, risks and emergencies, driver wellbeing, policies and procedures, and tickets and on-bus technology.

Here at Dublin Bus we look beyond gender stereotypes and recruit employees based on competency to fulfil a role. Our drivers are the face of the company and the job is hugely rewarding. I would encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a driver to apply.

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