Asking for It

Asking for It
Gaiety Theatre
Wednestday 9 October to Saturday 26 October 2019
Doors open at 19.00hrs

Audience reaction to the acclaimed stage adaptation of Louise O’Neill’s devastating novel has been overwhelming. The initial Cork dates quickly sold and the following run at the Abbey Theatre also sold out well in advance of the production even opening there and drew an overwhelming reaction on social media (link to a sample of tweets here)
Recently the play won the Audience Choice Award at The Irish Times Irish Theatre Awards for 2018.  Commenting on the Award, Louise O’Neill said:“It has been a great honour to see Asking for It brought to life with such energy, imagination, and innovation. I would like to thank Anne Clarke, Julie Kelleher, Annabelle Comyn, and Meadhbh McHugh for their tireless work in creating this extraordinary piece of theatre. I am also grateful to the cast – in particular the astounding Lauren Coe. Watching you inhabit these characters with such artistry has brought me immeasurable joy.  To win the Audience Choice award is gratifying as this is a play that asks so much of the viewer – it demands that we bear witness to survivors’ stories, that we refuse to turn away and ignore the reality of the world in which we live. I hope Asking for It will continue to win the hearts of audiences all over Ireland, and start many more vital conversations about sexual violence in this country.”

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Gaiety Theatre

For 142 years The Gaiety Theatre has given the people of Dublin opera, musicals, drama, revues, comedy, concerts, dance, festivals and pantomime. Amid the laughter and tears, through times of war and times of affluence, The Grand Old Lady of South King Street has remained a vital and ever changing expression of Irish culture and Irish society. Long home to the familiar faces of Maureen Potter, Niall Toibin, John B. Keane, Anna Manahan, Des Keogh and Rosaleen Linehan, whose bronze handprints, are set into the pavement in front the theatre, together with those of Luciano Pavarotti and Brian Friel, are testament to the longstanding association these great artists have had with Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre.

Dates: Wednesday 9th October 2019 - Saturday 26th October 2019



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